About Us

International Friendship is a non-profit grassroots organization established in 1996 to help disadvantaged children and communities, offering emergency assistance and humanitarian aid while focusing on improving the living standards and social perceptions of Youth worldwide.

International Friendship – Children In Crises facilities local and international sponsorships of therapeutic programs, special education, sport teams, youth centers, orphanages, and individual adoption sponsorships for at-risk and parentless children.

International Friendship – Children In Crises facilitates is a pioneer in creating unique programs designed to inspire success and positive thought. Our programs combine educational, therapeutic and rehabilitation outlets with an emphasis on nature, sports, arts, community and occupational placement.

International Friendship – Children In Crises humanitarian aid shipments containing much needed supplies and equipment are distributed to hospitals, social service stations & community centers globally. Our crisis relief teams are really available to assist evacuations and extend first-aid, rudimentary shelter and supplies, ranging between the simple provision of food and bars essentials to low-income families and assisting various organizations with large-scale disaster relief, such as the America Red Cross during the aftermath of 9/11.

International Friendship

Children In Crises sponsors:

Homeless and
parentless children

Educational, therapeutic
and rehabilitation outlets

Crisis relief and youth
rescue missions

Innovative programs for
at-risk and disabled youth

Humanitarian aid

Terror Victims

The 9/11 tragedy and the recent bombings throughout Europe emphasize the profound impact of terrorism on human lives and minds. International Friendship– Children In Crises’ main concern is for the many children who become the innocent victims of adult conflicts, sustaining various degrees of injury, distress & trauma.


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