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Donations program

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on 29 September, 2014

Our second project is our “donations” program. Here we will wholeheartedly accept donations of unwanted cars, clothing, toys, furniture, money contributions, canned or packaged food, volunteer time and spare metal. This project is great for anyone looking to get rid of their no longer used items or give back to the community through volunteer time.

Help us help others! Please take a moment and look around your home, garages and yard and see if there's anything you can donate. If you have a contribution you would like to donate we will come pick it up from your location. All you have to do is contact us through our site and let us know what time works for you and we will be there to take the items off your hands.

Donation should please be in fairly good condition, excluding metal (since there are no mistakes in art). Once in our capable hands, your donations will be repurposed and/or sold enabling us to buy the much needed supplies and fund our projects. Let’s be a team, join us in achieving our goal to raise money for purchasing supplies, especially an abundance of the new medical powder that is designed to help stop blood loss for victims and innocent bystanders of the war. With your help all supplies will then be imported to our people on the ground in Ukraine.

Considering donating money today? We accept Paypal via our website, Think you can contribute in a different way? Do you work in an industry that can help our cause? Please don’t hesitate to offer your services to us, all hands can be used on deck.

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