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Scrap Metal Recycling

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on 29 September, 2014

Here at International Friendship our number one priority is providing humanitarian aide to the citizens of Ukraine. As you may know, in recent months and even today the Ukrainian military and civilians alike need life saving assistance. To help with their wounded we don't only send the usual medical supplies needed for injuries such as bandages, gauze and tape but also we provide as much of Celox as possible to assist in the healing process.

Celox is a powder that acts as a blood clot-inducing agent, which is made from crab shells. Turning recycled crab shells into a life saving agent is a great medical breakthrough. In the U.S.A some police departments and medical personnel have begun to use Celox as first aid for the civilians that they come in contact with in their day to day line of work.

We are reaching out to you for your assistance. In order to raise money to buy Celox, bandages, tape & gauze for the Ukrainians in need we have implemented the following two projects.

Our first project is environmentally friendly which we like to call “scrap metal recycling”. We gladly accept the spare metal you no longer use or need and turn it into something quite exquisite. With your scrap metal we are able to host a metal sculpting class for adults and children where we teach each individual the techniques needed for metal sculpting. This form of artwork is not only enjoyable and fun for all ages involved in learning but it is also giving you and International Friendship the ability to save lives in Ukraine. How, might you ask, could metal sculpting save lives? After each piece of art is complete they are sold as sculptures and the money is used to purchase supplies for the Ukrainian people.

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