Founded in 1996, the International Friendship Corporation has begun its second decade of implementing humanitarian projects for children and youth, actively working to contribute to UN and UNESCO children’s programming.

Why We Change The World For The Better

In the summer of 2008, our organization launched a Program” Let’s change the world for the better!” The purpose of the program is to assist children in the formation of the principles of tolerance, equality of rights, pluralism of thoughts with children of different nationalities and religions. We want all children and adults to be conscious that the level of child care and protection of the rights today, gives the best prospects for mankind’s development tomorrow!

Our Mission

International Friendship Program “Let’s change the world for the better” is an integral part of the “International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-violence for Children of the World”, which was proclaimed by the General Assembly and supported by UNESCO. Program helps children to learn their rights such as the right to survival; to develop to the fullest; to protection from harmful influences, abuse and exploitation, and to participate fully in family, cultural and social life. Children themselves have a chance to be heard, freely express their opinions and take an active part in the life of their countries and the rest of the world. By creating an effective International Network to exchange the knowledge between children’s organizations in the field of children’s rights protection we develop The Children’s League of Nations – an International Public Organization that unites children of different countries for the sake of a better protection and realization of the children’s rights and interests.

How You Can Contribute To Our Program

Together we can assist children in the formation and development of The Children’s League of Nations; help children to learn their rights; inform the public about International Programs and Festivals for children and encourage their participation; and develop a mechanism for encouraging countries to provide improvements in Children’s welfare. If you would like to participate in our program, please fill out our “ONLINE APPLICATION” or “CONTACT US” In summer 2008 the American delegation participated in the International Festival ” Let’s change the world for the better” for the first time, under the auspices of the UN with the children’s camp Artek in Ukraine. In the 2008 Festival in Artek, the USA was represented by New Yorkers Ilan Kvitko-photographer and DJ, Veronica Gorelik – vocalist, Marta Pelyo – actress and model, Irwin Tendler- Musician, and Anastasia Ryabova- an athlete from Los Angeles. In the contest of the Festival called “My Country” the American delegation won first place. Irwin Tendler was named “Ambassador of Peace” and was included in the child group of diplomats. In the final concert of the festival, more than ten thousand people attended-there were representatives from 47 different countries.

In November 2008 the young international singers Veronica Gorelik and Anita Tendler participated in the international competition called “Chance” in Copenhagen (Denmark). Veronica Gorelik won this contest.

In April 2009 International Friendship Fund provided the American students with the opportunity to participate in two international festivals – “the Smile of Peace” in Moscow (Russia), where Veronica Gorelik was awarded with diploma 2 degrees, and the “Press Spring” at the Dnepr slopes in Kiev (Ukraine), which the Marta Pelyo won.

In June 2009 the International Friendship Organization represented children at two festivals in New York – the Festival “Our Heritage” (RACH-C) and the third International Festival of Russian culture. Veronica Gorelik performed at the festivals in New York with the debut of a song called “We can change the world for the better with you!” by poet and composer Pavel Yutsis, M.D.

The new joint project of the International Friendship Organization and the creative collective of “Golden Rooster”, which was submitted in late June 2009 at a reporting meeting of the Organization, would greatly enhance the ability of children of our community to show their talent to the world. Experienced, highly professional skills of the artistic Irina Zagornova in combination with the optimism of Director Victoria Krugolets, enhances trust in the fact that our talented children will represent the community of New York at the most prestigious international children’s competitions, festivals and forums.

14 July 2009: International Friendship organized a second USA delegation into Artek International Children’s Forum of the UN. The US delegation consisted of 12 children. Katherine Belau was awarded a diploma for a song competion at an International Fair, where all countries presented their culture. Americans also performed in front of other campers from other camps. Our delegation was also involved with dancing, singing, and playing instruments. In the 2009 Festival in Artek, the new “Ambassador of Peace” was 15-year-old Michelle Nedashkovskaya. Michelle was included in the child group diplomats.

Children can make a difference! In this we must firmly believe!

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