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Tai Chi

Tai chi is an ancient martial art developed in China that’s often referred to as a “moving meditation.” It takes the principles that we’ve observed in nature and uses it as a martial art. Education in the community, mutual learning, work in pairs and groups of removable composition, active interaction in the classroom greatly facilitates the process itself, develops the communicative qualities of the child, his creative potential, self-confidence, activity, discipline and responsibility.

Our mission

The main task is to develop the physical qualities of the child, intellectual and spiritual development, nurture character, self-confidence. In general, everything that is needed for the harmonious development of a child’s personality. Game teaching methods provide children with joy and emotional recovery. 

Why Tai chi

The practice of Tai chi can withstand stress. The child will learn to control his internal energy, as well as receive beneficial energy from the outside. This will significantly increase his personal effectiveness in all spheres and areas of life.

  • Get rid of stress
  • Fill with strength and energy
  • Unleash your inner potential
  • Strengthen your health

Why Are We Are Determined To Expand

We are determined to expand our program so that we will be able to provide more disadvantaged families with an activity that will bring families together, children can acquire a new fun skill, and make life long friends. It’s a great place to keep the kids occupied and off the streets.

Our Mission

Together with our staff we are in the process of developing a business plan with schedules of lessons. These lessons will help the child to be organized and independent. It will help to work in a team and learn to understand the needs of other people.

How You Can Contribute To Our Program

Without sponsors from our community we would never be able to run our program and help so many families find the link to bring them closer together. We would never have the opportunity to save a child in despair from the mean streets of Brooklyn, where it is so easy to slip into the world of darkness, drugs, alcohol, and gangs. Being a public figure, you have the influence and the voice to help us help the community. Although we already have a wonderful outpouring from the community, it is not enough to expand and allow more families to take part in our journey.

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