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In theatrical games, children learn to defend their position, try on the qualities of a leader, the ability to be flexible and vice versa. In a word – acting provides great opportunities to test yourself in different roles. This is very useful for becoming a character. This is probably why child psychologists practice theatricalization as a way of correcting a psychotype or as a method of getting rid of various children’s complexes, such as shyness, timidity, phobias and fears. 

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Why Theater

Theatrical performances help harmoniously develop a child with aesthetic education. Children receive a whole range of knowledge and acquire certain skills. Every time they go on stage, they get a huge amount of positive energy. That is why we must support this initiative and develop it.

  • To cultivate such qualities as responsiveness, empathy, desire to help, self-esteem, confidence
  • Improve communication skills
  • Be able to quickly adapt, feel comfortable in any environment

Why Are We Are Determined To Expand

We are determined to expand our program so that we will be able to provide more disadvantaged families with an activity that will bring families together, children can acquire a new fun skill, and make life long friends. It’s a great place to keep the kids occupied and off the streets.

How You Can Contribute To Our Program

Without sponsors from our community we would never be able to run our program and help so many families find the link to bring them closer together. We would never have the opportunity to save a child in despair from the mean streets of Brooklyn, where it is so easy to slip into the world of darkness, drugs, alcohol, and gangs. Being a public figure, you have the influence and the voice to help us help the community. Although we already have a wonderful outpouring from the community, it is not enough to expand and allow more families to take part in our journey.

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