Children in Crises is a non-profit organization registered under the Internal Revenue Code 501 (c3), mainly working in the field of education and humanitarian projects. In the summer of 2006, our organization launched a sailing Program, “All Hands on Deck,” for children who come from broken and/or unstable homes. The program was an offshoot from the International Friendship Corp. which encourages Americans to lead healthy and active lifestyles and engage in activities such as sailing. Our mission with the sailing program is to introduce the joys of sailing to younger generations within our community. We strongly believe that nothing develops independence, self esteem, steadfastness, and discipline as effectively as sailing. Together with our sponsors we will work our best to expand our program in size and influence others to contribute to our community project so that we can provide more children and families in need with the ability to benefit from our sailing program throughout the spring and summer of 2008.

Why Sailing

Last year, we were extremely pleased with the outcome of the program. We decided to stick with the plan of expansion when we saw so many families coming together. When we first started the program, it was mainly for children kids of single and/or divorced parents. During our journeys, we noticed surprising changes in the relationships and attitudes between the children and their parents. From our experience we realized that antisocial and troubled kids were expressing themselves more while being out on the water. Sailing aboard large ships teaches people team effort; it forces them to connect with each other and work together. Sailing builds social bridges by making people rely on each other while out on the open sea. Sailing brings out the best qualities in our youth.

Why Are We Are Determined To Expand


We are determined to expand our program so that we will be able to provide more disadvantaged families with an activity that will bring families together, children can acquire a new fun skill, and make life long lifelong friends. It’s a great place to keep the kids occupied and off the streets. We had an opportunity to survey some of the parents after our journeys and received positive feedback and appreciation for bringing their families closer together. We feel that it is our obligation to the community to continue with the sailing endeavor. All the families who had the opportunity to sail with us last year are enthusiastic and ready to come back for another summer of fun.

Our Mission


Together with our staff we are in the process of developing a business plan with schedules of lessons and voyages for the spring and summer of 2008. This will include having a regatta with a trained crew around in midsummer. Sailing has always been thought of as an expensive luxurious sport for the wealthy, however, with our program, we can bring this great sport and all it has to offer to everyone who wishes to participate. We will continue to offer this program free of charge to low income, or troubled children kids that who show strong dedication, and interest in the program. Anyone else who would like to take the sailing experience will pay a minimal fee for professional instructors. We plan to acquire more professional staff, volunteers with sailing knowledge and experience, as well as others who share the same passion for kids and sailing as we do Included on our staff list is an Olympic sailor who is willing to dedicate his time to work with the children and families of our community. As we expand, we are convinced that the sailing program will be a greater asset and benefit to our community.

How You Can Contribute To Our Program


Without sponsors from our community we would never be able to run our program and help so many families find the link to bring them closer together. We would never have the opportunity to save a child in despair from the mean streets of Brooklyn, where it is so easy to slip into the world of darkness, drugs, alcohol, and gangs. Being a public figure, you have the influence and the voice to help us help the community. Although we already have a wonderful outpouring from the community, it is not enough to expand and allow more families to take part in our journey. We are currently seeking a small space on the water where we can run our program, It is imperative for us to cut the costs of storage, and to dock our ships.

If you would like to participate in our program, please fill out our online application and we will contact you shortly: http://

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