The 9/11 tragedy and the recent bombings throughout Europe emphasize the profound impact of terrorism on human lives and minds. International Friendship– Children In Crises’ main concern is for the many children who become the innocent victims of adult conflicts, sustaining various degrees of injury, distress & trauma.

The IF-CIC Terror Victims Program was initiated in June 2005 to actively assist the rehabilitation of youth victimized by terror. In August 2005, IF-CIC made its first step in what we hope will become a long term, globe-encompassing program.

A 12 year-old Israeli girl named Daniella B. survived a bus bombing in Jerusalem on June 11, 2003. She suffered extensive fragment wounds to her head and body, loss of hearing, and extreme trauma following the attack. She has not been able to speak of the terrifying event to this day –not even to her parents. Daniella’s mother was also on the bus, sustaining severe head wounds, a fractured skull & neurological damage. The same bomb killed 16 passengers and wounded nearly 100 passengers and pedestrians. Israel has suffered a long history of terrorist attacks, with over 1,000 civilians dead and 6,000 wounded since January 2000.

IF-CIC flew Daniella and her sister in from Israel for a week of summer activities and sightseeing in New York, Philadelphia and Washington, and also celebrated her Bat Mitzvah at a restaurant in New York.

In the coming year, IF-CIC intends to integrate the Terror Victims Program with the IF-CIC Summer Camp, enabling at least 10 young people to enjoy one to two months of summer activities combined with professional rehabilitation. Additional information about summer activities can be found at IF-CIC Summer Camp.

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