International Friendship Corp. – Children In Crises is a non-profit 501(c)(3) Charitable Foundation established in 1996 to help disadvantaged children and their communities, focusing on improving the living standards and social perceptions of youth worldwide.

International Friendship is a pioneer in creating unique programs for children and youth. Our programs are designed to inspire success and positive thought. We are proud to provide equal opportunity and educational outlets while strengthening community involvement. We educate toward a better society, a better world without dictating the path to be taken. We can unite even when following different roads. Our method is one of informal education, where program participants can seek their place in the world, shape the future, contribute, and build. Our niche is unique. Unlike many other institutions, we do not seek to build our own empire, but rather to use our resources to help others. Our work is typically community-based and voluntary, relying on private and community contributions.

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